Waterton Glacier Peace Park – Part 2

Leaving Waterton


I just can’t help taking shots of these vast open spaces and majestic mountains uncontaminated with modern agricultural and industrial debris. The feeling of remoteness brings me peace. I could breathe in the beauty forever!






As we were driving on the road heading south through the park one evening, there was a digital sign on the road saying “Slow Down, Foxes on rodeway.”

Sure enough. They were there. One evening we caught this little Red, hurrying home with some dinner. And the next day, this sweetest little gal (I assume) was just waiting to be photographed!


A Tidbit For A Snack.
A Tidbit For A Snack.


Aw, Gee, Thanks!
Aw, Gee, Thanks!


A few last memories of this beautiful Canadian Park before crossing the border again.






Flower Girl Pia
Flower Girl Pia


Back Into Glacier


Many Glacier (A named area of the park) brought many mountains but few glaciers. Most of the glaciers in the park have melted away.  At one point there were 150 named glaciers on the mountains, now there are suppose to be 25 glaciers left…we didn’t see that many. If the current warming trend continues, predictions are that by 2030, there will be zero glaciers left in the park.






Two Medicine road brought us no campsites, but did bring us another Grizzly. This fellow was gently galavanting his way around this lake, until he realized numerous “human creatures” were watching him from above, and then he lit out of there like nobody’s business.


IMG_4047 - Version 2

IMG_4052 - Version 2

IMG_4053 - Version 2


IMG_4055 - Version 2


America’s last really wild creatures. I hope we can find room in our hearts to make room for their habitats.


On that note, we left the park, and  finally found our camping spot, right on top of the Continental Divide, in a sweet little forest service campground.

All of nature is not large and vast.




And some is right under our noses.




Feeling a bit humbled and awed.          ❧


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