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An Amazing Adventure


Well hey there. It’s been over 6 months since posting on this blog.

So as is due, a quick catch up and then on to some reflections.

When we left off last June, we had arrived in Idaho to our rental house which had been trashed and defaced.

Although I could write a book just on that summer experience, let’s just say, that after being on the road for so long, we actually enjoyed our summer stay and all the hard work. We set up our camp inside the house (after lots of initial cleansing) and put our energy into creating something Beautiful from something that wasn’t.

Thinking back a few years ago, one of our initial goals when we set out on the road was that we wanted to travel for long periods, then to temporarily stay put in a community for a few months or so to get to know the local favors. Then this past summer we were forced into doing that very thing which we desired. Funny how the world works.

Now here we are into 2016 already!

Blessed with a new grandson in November, we are spending the winter months back in California, where we can be around the new baby and new parents, as well as enjoying the rest of our family.

We’ve had two house-sits to break up the winter, (and our van-stays) which were fantastic, both times taking care of lovey homes and lovely pets for wonderful people.

But really, it’s always so cozy to return to our little van home.

At years end, I spent time re-visiting this blog, and going through literally thousands of photos I’ve taken over the past two years.

I am amazed! And feel so blessed. And so unbelieving of all the incredible places we’ve traveled to, and all the beautiful experiences we’ve had traveling around in this little white van.

I have so many fond memories of gorgeous sunsets, amazing wildlife, ancient cultures, strange trees, bizarre inclement weather, solitary vistas, interesting people of so many different sorts, balloons in the air, red red rocks, birds of all colors, mile high camping, prehistoric looking animals, and on and on.

I think I could ramble on to eternity here, but I’ll spare whoever is reading this for the moment, and just say it’s a life worth living!  The times of feeling homeless, and worries of where to sleep for the night, well yes, there are challenges. But life is a challenge meant to be met head on, conquering fears, daring to be different, willing to try new experiences.

So thankful for the opportunity to make these choices. So thankful for all that has come our way these past few years.

In honor of those memories and a longing to make more in the future, I’m reposting some of my favorite photos of some of my favorite places.

Thanks to those who have traveled along with us through this blog. Hoping that there will be much more to come in the future.

Peace and Good Cheer as we roll along into 2016!


Bryce Canyon Amphitheater, Utah


Into Alberta, Canada


Waterton National Peace Park, Alberta, Canada


Jake at Grizzly Encounters in Montana


IMG_4574 - Version 2
Yellowstone River In Hayden Valley, Yellowstone National Park


Walking among the geysers in Yellowstone


Where else? But Yellowstone


Beartooth Pass over the Absaroka Mountains, Wyoming


Sunset in the Grand Tetons


Grand Teton Magnificence


Enjoying the Local Wildlife


The Amazing Pia Dog


IMG_6604 - Version 2
Finally a Moose in Colorado


Bosque del Apache, New Mexico


White Sands National Monument, New Mexico


Camping Keevan Style – Alabama Hills, California


Beach for blog 4
With Family Along the Coast, California


Beach for blog 5
Into the Pacific


birds of Lodi 4
The Beautiful & Majestic Sandhill Cranes


More Coastal Splendor, Why do we Like to Camp Here?


Showing Off for the Ladies. Elephant Seals at Las Piedras, California


20150320-Stewart's Point; Lake Mead-77
Solitude at Lake Mead, Nevada


20150328-Parhangat to wild horses to corn springs-130
Wild Horses of Nevada


20150329-Bristlecone Pines_-34
Ancient Bristlecone Pines, Bishop, California


20150408-Folsom Lake, Folsom, CA-53
Folsom Lake, California


Waterton Glacier Peace Park – Part 2

Leaving Waterton


I just can’t help taking shots of these vast open spaces and majestic mountains uncontaminated with modern agricultural and industrial debris. The feeling of remoteness brings me peace. I could breathe in the beauty forever!






As we were driving on the road heading south through the park one evening, there was a digital sign on the road saying “Slow Down, Foxes on rodeway.”

Sure enough. They were there. One evening we caught this little Red, hurrying home with some dinner. And the next day, this sweetest little gal (I assume) was just waiting to be photographed!


A Tidbit For A Snack.
A Tidbit For A Snack.


Aw, Gee, Thanks!
Aw, Gee, Thanks!


A few last memories of this beautiful Canadian Park before crossing the border again.






Flower Girl Pia
Flower Girl Pia


Back Into Glacier


Many Glacier (A named area of the park) brought many mountains but few glaciers. Most of the glaciers in the park have melted away.  At one point there were 150 named glaciers on the mountains, now there are suppose to be 25 glaciers left…we didn’t see that many. If the current warming trend continues, predictions are that by 2030, there will be zero glaciers left in the park.






Two Medicine road brought us no campsites, but did bring us another Grizzly. This fellow was gently galavanting his way around this lake, until he realized numerous “human creatures” were watching him from above, and then he lit out of there like nobody’s business.


IMG_4047 - Version 2

IMG_4052 - Version 2

IMG_4053 - Version 2


IMG_4055 - Version 2


America’s last really wild creatures. I hope we can find room in our hearts to make room for their habitats.


On that note, we left the park, and  finally found our camping spot, right on top of the Continental Divide, in a sweet little forest service campground.

All of nature is not large and vast.




And some is right under our noses.




Feeling a bit humbled and awed.          ❧