KeeVan Soul is our blog about our wanderings, trials, adventures, and misadventures. Since April of 2014 we have been traveling around in one small camper van, living simply with a small footprint, learning, growing, and hopefully having a few joyful experiences. Together we are one tall guy, one short gal, and one old dog. We’re quite the crew.

About Laurie

She’s the short one. She loves to travel, take pictures, and hike long and winding paths to beautiful places. She tries to write regularly, but sometimes falters badly for periods of time. Please forgive her if this happens. It means she’s been busy, away from an internet connection, or focused elsewhere temporarily. She’ll be back in time.

a picture of Laurie, the blog writer


About Fred

He’s the tall one. He loves venturing out into the world meeting new people, and seeing places he’s never seen. He does most of the piloting, while his co-pilot tries to figure out where the heck they are going. Fred reads voraciously, and is best known for his awesome U-turns and quick stops along the highway, while Laurie is snapping away photos.

Photo of Fred, the hubby of the blog writer, and driver pro bono of the eurovan


“In Memory”

She was  old one, full of love, kisses and solid sage wisdom. She shared our journey from the beginning, having played in wildflower fields in Canada, hiked up 11,000 ft. mountains, and snaked her way down narrow gorges to the Rio Grande River. She was the peacekeeper in the family, making Fred and I accountable for our actions, and always made sure we remembered to eat. Bless you girl!

Picture of Pia, a black lab / retriever mix dog who travels with Laurie and Fred and is a wonderful faithful companion. She's on green grass with a favorite toy in her mouth.

One thought on “About”

  1. Thank you for reading and contacting our blog. I liked your comment on us living in parallel universes. Pia looks like great fun. Unfortunately our much loved 14 year old Labrador called Piper passed away last year, but will share our adventures in our thoughts. Good luck with getting your van ready and look forward to following your trip
    Nancy & John


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