Yellowstone – The Geysers

8/16/14 -8/22/14

A supervolcano!

That’s the story of Yellowstone. While driving and hiking around exploring, it’s hard to imagine that we are actually inside of the caldera of a volcano. The expansiveness of it is too much for this simple brain…but the impressions, colors, and incredible fairyland images were so fun to capture.


The smoking Earth and Nature’s paint pallets reach out in all directions!

IMG_4640 IMG_4667 IMG_4812


Cavernous holes and eerie formations create mysterious landscapes.

IMG_4831 IMG_4836

IMG_4844 IMG_4846 IMG_4859

Earth Hues concoct impressive color combinations and saturations.

IMG_4874 IMG_4880

And yes, We did watch the eruption of Old Faithful, the most famous of geysers, which on this day was erupting every 45-90 minutes. We almost turned back when we saw the masses of people and rows and rows of metal shiny cars and RV’s in the largest of parking lots.

I was afraid of seeing nothing but backs of heads, but we now learned travelers about these things, just walked right up past the grandstands, and like pro’s, sat on the edge of the viewing platform, with legs dangling over the sides with other photographers and serious science nuts, to get our front row seats.

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A little bummed that the sky was not a blue background sky, but all was still impressive, and the theatrics were beautifully  performed and synchronized.

4 thoughts on “Yellowstone – The Geysers”

    1. Thank you. I loved what you said on your about page. It is so true that blogs are such a great way of sharing travel information. I think they are also a wonderful way to record one’s journey to look back upon.


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