Please feel free to contact Laurie or Fred about our van or our trip by filling out the contact form below. Heck, you can even contact Pia too! I can’t guarantee how she’ll reply though.


2 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hi Keevan, Ray LeClair here, a friend of Catherine Carlassare. She forwarded your trip to the Brissle cone/White mountains. Beautiful!! My wife and I went there last fall and took, of all things, the back way up the dirt road! We often get into fixes like that but enjoy getting into out of the way places..we like to “rock hound” which leads us to very unusual places. When we were at the BC forest we walked the trails and went to the information center. The trees, for me, were magnificient and to touch them made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end… to be so priviledged as to touch somethig that’s been alive for so long! I felt humbled. They (scientific community) use the year rings to confirm carbon dating! Enjoy! Ray


    1. Thanks Ray for writing! The Ancient Bristlecone Forest was quite the place. Very humbling indeed. Fred and I also like to take the backroads whenever possible. You see so much more!!! Have you heard the story about the actual oldest bristlecone that got cut down by someone counting rings? Google it…it’s quite the sad story. Keep on getting into fixes! It’s almost always worth it. Feel free to continue following our travels if you like. Thanks for contacting me.


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