Glacier-Waterton Peace Park – Part 1

8/8/14 – 8/9/14

Mid-day entry into Glacier National Park. Too late for morning sun, and the haze was pretty bad from those devastating fires over west in Washington. But still plenty of gorgeousness and awesomeness along the “Going to the Sun” road. And some beautiful clouds to enjoy too!



As it was the weekend and we couldn’t find any camping inside the park, we just kept going out the east entrance and decided to head up to Waterton National Park, the other half of Glacier-Waterton International Peace Park, the only national park that encompasses two countries, and is looked after jointly by both the American and Canadian National Park Services.

Although we didn’t take any ranger led hikes, there are opportunities to go on hikes that are actually led by both American and Canadian park rangers co-jointly.

We love Canada. And Waterton was just exquisite.



After staying one night in a motel in the quaint little town of Cardston, we found ourselves in the park the next night late in the evening, and of course there was again no camping inside this park either on a weekend, but…being in the cool little Keevan, we silently slid into a parking lot right in the middle of downtown Waterton Village, laid our heads on our pillows and slept soundly, waking early to enjoy the peace and calm of the village before most of the other campers got moving around.

Oh, and while driving into the village at the dusk of evening, we did indeed spot our first Grizzly grubbing around on the hillside. My how beautiful it was.

Next post we meet more Grizzlies….


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