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Heading South


We landed back in Utah.

In the northeast corner this time after spending three glorious weeks in the Montana and Wyoming national parks. After living in vast open spaces that go on forever. After living with so much wildlife. After living around many awesome like-minded people. After being immersed in beauty, remoteness, nature, happy days, winding rivers, snow capped mountain peeks, and serene valleys.

After all that, the drive through rural America on Wyoming back roads was a bit disenchanting, but once we made it into the Flaming Gorge recreation area, the gorgeous rock country felt relaxing and comforting. This campground we stayed at with enormous orange rock cliffs in the background, dwarfed our van and made us feel small, but we were cozy at home as the creek wound slowly along the base of the cliffs,  thunder roared and the wind blew in the background. Raindrops splattered the van windows. We were happy and at peace.

When we woke in the morning the sun was out, so we took a side trip around Sheep geological loop, which points out which dinosaurs lived in the different geological formations all along the loop. It was fun seeing signs pointing out “Stegosaurus lived here, and Brontosaurus lived there.”

The day was a restful day, with time for reflection on where we’ve been and where we were going, while enjoying green pastures and golden afternoons, as we made our way into Colorado.




Catching Up…Part 2

Part 2 – Getting Through Utah


(May 21 – May 24, 2014)

Near Goblin State Park. 

We didn’t actually go to Goblin State Park.

"Guardian of the Cave"
“Guardian of the Cave”

The Park is named for rock statues that look like Goblins all over the park, especially popular with the younger generation. When we arrived, there were no campsites available, so, as we do, we found a magnificent (do I dare say better) spot to camp just outside of the park. Therefore, we didn’t spend the fee to go inside the next day either. We enjoyed our own Goblins, and as people do in the desert, create their own entertainment by naming the rocks.




Arches National Park

Just when you think, there’s nothing new to see, geologically speaking…




And then…  Canyonlands

See why I’ve fallen so far behind here. Utah is such an underrated state to visit.  We could spend a year here exploring!





Around Our Dispersed Campsite 



 The flowers and solitude of the vast high plateau deserts are such a welcome homecoming after days of visiting scenic canyons and vistas. It brings us back to the simple details and up close comforts of    whats within our reach without the drives and roads and parks and people.


For further information on the above parks, check out these wonderful websites below.  Of course, we usually don’t do this, we just show up, and check them out after the visit.  Probably not the best plan of attack, but it works for us…

Goblin State Park

Arches National Park

Canyonlands National Park


Catching Up…Part 1

We’re back in California for a brief pause before heading into the northwest for the second leg of our journey. Unfortunately this blog is still way back in Utah…a little out of breath.

That being so, I’m playing catch up by posting a few photo galleries of the past few weeks…in a two part series.

First up – Many Thanks to those below for sharing the land with us as we’ve traveled through their homelands.



(May 15 – May 20, 2014)
And on to Bryce Canyon – One of the most amazing spots in America! 



Side Tripping – in Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument


Being Awed in the Capitol Reef National Park



Part 2 up soon…

Websites of Parks:

Bryce Canyon National Park

Capitol Reef National Park

Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument

Utah! First Up, Zion National Park


Zion National Park

We came into Zion National Park, mid-day and were met by more huge monolithic rock mountains…of a different sort.

The many differences in geological formations keeps amazing and awing us.


We were a little uncertain about Zion, as everything we read said how non pet-friendly the park is, and that you had to take a shuttle to see anything. The shuttle of course doesn’t allow pets, nor do any trails except one paved trail near the park center. Fortunately, it turned out not to be a problem. All the turnouts along the road had ample opportunities to hike and play and walk the dog. As for longer hikes, that will be another trip. And the shuttle just went up one scenic canyon…there was plenty to see without that shuttle trip. We’ve seen so much outrageous countryside, we didn’t miss that canyon. We know we can’t see everything there is to see on one trip anyway.

Zion_9966 - Version 2

I always feel like it takes one trip somewhere, just to get your bearings, and to know what you really want to do and see the next trip.

We did get to encounter these majestic Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep climbing around on the rock hillsides!!

Rocky Mountain Sheep - Version 2

We went through the longest rock tunnel we’ve ever been through. The park monitors the traffic, and only allows one way traffic through at a time. The tunnel was blasted and carved through these massive rock mountains.

Hanging out around all these massive rocks is no place to think about earthquakes, but being from California, Fred and I both had just those thoughts creeping into our heads.

We tried to just put those ideas far far out of mind, so to chill from the earthquake images, we strolled among the slick rocks.


And checked out some other canyon life checking out us.

Squirrel at Zion