Catching Up…Part 1

We’re back in California for a brief pause before heading into the northwest for the second leg of our journey. Unfortunately this blog is still way back in Utah…a little out of breath.

That being so, I’m playing catch up by posting a few photo galleries of the past few weeks…in a two part series.

First up – Many Thanks to those below for sharing the land with us as we’ve traveled through their homelands.



(May 15 – May 20, 2014)
And on to Bryce Canyon – One of the most amazing spots in America! 



Side Tripping – in Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument


Being Awed in the Capitol Reef National Park



Part 2 up soon…

Websites of Parks:

Bryce Canyon National Park

Capitol Reef National Park

Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument

3 thoughts on “Catching Up…Part 1”

  1. Beautiful Laurie! I’m comforted to see that I’m not the only one who gets behind on my photos. Thanks for sharing the beauty that you are seeing. From your captions, however, it sounds like you need to stop for sweets more often 🙂


  2. Thanks Joy! That’s all Fred needs is permission to stop for sweets more often! But yes, coffee and snacks do keep us moving. Hope you didn’t reach for the candy while viewing…


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