Friends, Food, and Fireworks.

7/3/14 – 7/5/14

We arrived in Roseburg late in the afternoon, feeling a bit depleted of resources.

Upon hitting the town, we headed to a laundromat, did some washing up of clothes, got ourselves a couple of good strong lattes, and stocked up the fridge and cooler with fruit and veggies. We found Stewart Park, walked the loop around two lakes, and enjoyed our dinner watching the ducks, geese, and pigeons being fed over and over again loaves of bread by almost every visitor that came by.  What happy birds they seem to be. I’m not sure how healthy this is for them or the lake, but they do seem to enjoy the charity.

The next morning we connected up with friends Bill and Marlene. We told them we were just stopping by for a cup of coffee. Those people were so gracious and inviting we stayed for anther two days. We enjoyed their company, ate too much delicious food, listened to great bluegrass music at the local produce stand, drank copious (for us) amounts of good red wine, and enjoyed a cafe in the middle of nowhere that served wonderful organic vegetarian faire with brick oven baked fresh bread and pastries!

We were even able to watch 4th of July fireworks from their backyard.

Though the company was fantastic, the weather was getting a bit hot, so we decided to hit the coast one more time for a last couple of days respite, before heading inland to Bend, then onto Idaho.

Bandon, a little coastal town south of Coo’s Bay was beautiful, and much fun was had strolling the streets in the cool light fog haze.


Bandon, Oregon
Bandon, Oregon


It was really nice being near the ocean again, but sorry to say, there were still too many holiday revelers for our liking, and the dunes on the coast certainly attract more ATV’s than we care to be around!


Another New Friend
Another New Friend


Most places we visit have both good and bad qualities. When we find those sweet spots that seem just perfect to us, we REALLY need to just stay PUT!! Seems we often pull up stakes and move on, then regret leaving the “perfect spot” behind.


Morning Stroll at Umpqua Lighthouse State Park
Morning Stroll at Umpqua Lighthouse State Park


But then, we always want to see what’s waiting around the next corner. Someday, we keep saying that we are going to stay a few months at a time in one place. But that’s for later.

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