Blue, Blue of Crater Lake

6/29/14 – 7/1/14


Blue, Blue of Crater Lake
Blue, Blue of Crater Lake


The richest blue, the deepest blue, the most peaceful blue.  It’s a magical blue. There is no other blue like the blue of Crater Lake.

We camped here for three days and two nights.


Whenever we go to National Parks, the people are so friendly and interesting. You meet folks from near and far. You meet folks from this country, and from many other countries. You meet people that are genuinely interested in beauty. You meet people that are interested in nature and geology and science.

I wish I could say the same about all camping spots, but unfortunately I can’t. So many of the State Parks and County parks, and private parks have just become places to party. To trash and scream and run generators, and bring porch swings, triple grilled bar-b-ques, boom boxes, atvs, dirt bikes, kids plastic basketball hoops, and whatever else is desired. There’s really not much camping left in campgrounds, especially when they are located near larger metropolis areas.

So when you find a campground run efficiently and kept clean, where the sites are spacious and at least a tiny bit private, it’s worth mentioning.

Crater Lake National Park campground is just that. A certain number of sites are reservable, for those type of campers who always reserve ahead of time. A certain number of sites are not, for the rest of us. And there are numerous electrical hook-ups for those type of campers who use hook-ups, which is great, so the rest of us don’t go crazy listening to generators roar in the middle of the wilderness.


Fred and Pia Enjoying the Lake
Fred and Pia Enjoying the Lake


We drove around the Rim, and hiked a few short hikes.

We enjoyed the scenery.


Down in The Valley
Down in The Valley


And the mountains.


Across the Dale
Across the Dale


And again, it was especially nice to meet our neighbors while we camped in the park. Chris, you are awesome! Pia thanks you dearly for the super bouncy ball you gave her!  Michael & Jean  – good luck on your travels. Hope our paths cross again. We are still on our way to Bend, looking forward to checking out your ideas. And to the two women in the cutest of cute tiny but efficient travel trailer from Rhode Island…Bless you both,  I hope you have a wonderful time in Seattle and your trip back across the country. And Barbara, the English woman who has been living alone in her small RV for the past 6 years. Up at the crack of dawn to hike, riding her bike to the top of the grade for exercise, and being an inspiration to the rest of us.  You all make our travels so special!

We really enjoyed our short stay at Crater Lake, and  even splurged on a wonderful lunch at the Crater Lake Lodge on our way out!


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