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The Grand Tetons

8/23/14 – 8/28/14

The Grand Tetons of Wyoming speak loudly.

They’re moody – sometimes appearing furious and angry, other times blissful and full of joy. Every day, they greet their guests with a sense of bewilderment, and only by visiting often and lingering long, can one get to know them.

The many moods of the Teton Mountains.



We spent long hours in the shadows and valleys of their towering auras,  feeling the energy of their power.



We walked along the shores of mountain runoff, nourishing the bounty of life.



We visited Morman Row and long forgotten barns.



As always, we loved and enjoyed the wildlife and flora that reap the nourishment from the majestic mountains and peaceful waters.



We paid tribute to Olaus and Mardy Murie…known for their conservation work, which set the stage for the enactment of the Wilderness Act, passed in 1964. They lived, loved, and raised their family among these mountains, as Olaus worked as a wildlife biologist in the area before becoming director of the Wilderness Society. Both Olaus and Mardy were amazing naturalist, writing and sharing their love of all nature. I truly felt their presence, walking around this old homestead and sitting on the front porch. The cabin on the left is the house, the smaller studio on the right was Olaus’ studio, where he was also an awesome artist.



We were sad to leave the magnificent Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem area, and hope to return soon for even more in-depth exploration and study.




A good time was enjoyed by all. Hopefully we can carry forth lessons learned here, and share with others.


Yellowstone – The Wildlife

8/16/14 -8/22/14

It’s a spectator sport in Yellowstone…wildlife spotting.  It’s like winning the jackpot in Las Vegas when you actually get to see the big ones.

Some people set up and wait hours in lawn chairs for an appearance. Others are willing to stand out in the rain in complete gear and huge cameras with their own rain suits  covering the glass.


Cow Elk


Bald Eagle
Bald Eagle


Gotta Scratch - Young Bison
Gotta Scratch – Young Bison


We were lucky, observant, and always searching. We didn’t stand in the rain, or set up our chairs. Fred’s an awesome driver…and doesn’t mind pulling over, turning around, or even dropping me off and later retrieving me if there is nowhere safe to pull over.  We take the roads least traveled, and stop often.


Napping In The Warmth Of Hot Springs


Bull Elk
Bull Elk


Killdeer Among The Hot Springs
Killdeer Among The Hot Springs


We are very respectful of the animals, and super aware of our safety.


Trumpeter Swan
Trumpeter Swan


Dripping From Drinking
Dripping From Drinking


The Van sits up high, and I often shoot out the window, using the half rolled up window to brace my camera. Or I can stand on the door step to get some extra height.


Grizzlies Sharing A Bison Kill


Sometimes we have solitude, sometimes there is madness. Even with these chaotic traffic jams that do sometimes occur, all in all, it’s an awesome sport, and everyone wins sometimes.


Behind The Scenes
Behind The Scenes