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Many Thanks


First off…Thanks so much to all those who are actually following this blog. I really started it to just kind of keep track of our travels and post a few photos, but you guys do add an element of companionship to our trip, AND it keeps me on my toes to try to capture a few good shots.

Secondly, I really do want to check out and read more about what everyone else is up to, and I hope to soon spend some long winter days and evenings, perusing and catching up on all your beautiful blogs. I’ve tried to at least peek at most of them.

The truth is being always on the go, leaves very little internet time. I’m always way behind on posting, and having both a wi-fi connection AND electricity to keep the computer powered up at the same time is very rare.

It’s a lot of work to travel, sightsee, hike, take pictures, load them onto the computer, keep everything charged up, and still have time to eat and enjoy reading a few good books.


We’ve been on the road now for almost seven months. We are still  pretty amazed about that.



We’ve stopped over for three days at a sweet forest service campground called Target Tree in southern Colorado. It’s nice to have a home base for awhile, however short that while is. We are about to check out Mesa Verde National Park, AND get some new tires put on the little white van, so we rest up by taking a hike straight up the mountain today.

Just a few simple shots of nature along the way.



It really is about the Journey. ❧