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Making Progress

Footprints in the sand leading to a deserted long stretch of beach with the blue Pacific Ocean in the background.

Things are progressing in a good direction, and we’re now living among boxes and piles of displaced possessions, waiting to find new homes. As I go through the process of packing and letting go, my mind wanders, thinking many thoughts. Often I find myself wondering about the life of my ancestors – pioneers who came across the country, or oceans even, with what they could carry on their backs. A precious photo, the family bible, or even the spinning wheels and family heirlooms women brought, only to abandon along the trail. I think to myself, “If we bring too many items in the van, I can always leave some off along the way.” But truly, it won’t be the heirlooms, or the precious photos. More likely it would be an uninteresting book, or unnecessary clothing we honestly did not need to bring.

I continue to be amazed with Craig’s list. Since we live pretty far out in the boonies, I’m happy to find that most of the nice folks from the list, looking for a good bargain, are more than willing to drive the long winding road to get here. Thankfully so, as furniture and tools keep disappearing.

We  continue to receive mixed and interesting reactions from folks regarding our upcoming departure.  Either people are really behind us, with well wishes on our adventure, thinking it all very exiting and awesome, OR they find it incomprehensible that anyone in their right mind would take off without set plans and/or a final destination in place before embarking upon travels.

Onward our life marches forward, moving gently with the flow. It’s a crazy life, it’ll be a crazy journey…Soon we’ll be on the road!