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Fred Puts on Shorts!

Since I’m becoming quite behind in this blogging thing, I’m now adding  accurate travel dates to the posts, as the posting dates seem to run about a week behind. Since I am doing this sort of as a reference, it seems like the weather should at least be when it really happened, instead of like the snow falling in the middle of June or something, when it actually fell in May…

May 12, 2014

We left Lee’s Ferry campground taking a scenic route into Utah through Jacobs Lake. We again decide to forgo the Grand Canyon, since the road to the North Rim (where we are now) doesn’t open for another three days, and we are anxious to get into Utah.

At the junction of our turnoff, we see this cute laundry, and needing to do some, stop in for a quick wash and dry, before heading out.


Marble Canyon Laundromat
Marble Canyon Laundromat


And this was next door!


Marble Canyon Showers
Marble Canyon Showers


It can’t get any better than being able to take showers, while the clothes are washing. Little did we know that 95% of the washing machines didn’t work, and 98% of the dryers were inoperable. And that the washers were sort of antiques and took forever…and the dryers took even more forever…

But oh well, while there we met two lovely ladies who were about to embark upon a six day river rafting trip down the Colorado. These ladies had been friends for over 30 years, have lived in different states for over 20 years, and decided to venture out together for this once in a lifetime trip together. They were awesome!!

We shared stories, histories, and soon photos and videos of our grandchildren. I can’t remember the names, but I’m sure they had a fantastic trip down the river, and have many many memories to share and take back to their families.


Leaving the Vermillion cliffs
Leaving the Vermillion cliffs


Hours later…we continue winding away from the Vermillion Cliffs, and head up to higher elevations. Much higher!


Fred Finally Dons Shorts
Fred Finally Dons Shorts


Those of you who know Fred, know he’s not much of a shorts kind of guy. In fact our kids have probably never seen this picture of their dad. So it’s pretty ironic, he decides to finally put on shorts…and we come across this. More snow.  (O.k., he did just wash his two pair of jeans – which maybe explains it.)


Pia Enjoying the Snow
Pia Enjoying the Snow


Pia, on the other hand, rather enjoyed the snow.

We made it to Jacob Lake, at almost 8,000 feet, just as it was about dark, and the one and only campground wasn’t open yet. It obviously opens the same day as the Rim Road to the Grand Canyon. Anyway, we found a nice forest road that wasn’t too muddy, spotted a wide area, and pulled over, popped the top and yay…turned on the heater!!!

You see, our Eurovan has a propane heater with a built in thermostat, which we’ve enjoyed quite liberally with all this cold weather.


Skipping the South Rim


Heading north we decided to make a detour and attempt again to enter the South Rim Grand Canyon this time from the eastern entrance. We camped a few miles outside the entrance gate planning to get up and go on in the morning. But…the next morning, as we were sitting in the LWV eating breakfast, I looked out the window, and calmly said to Fred. “It’s snowing outside.”

Within minutes, the snow was falling heavily and blowing everywhere. As we were back on a dirt forest service road, we quickly finished our breakfast, shoved our gear here and there, and scurried down the mountain, again, away from the Grand Canyon.

Vermilion Cliffs here we come!

But first a few stops along the way.


Navaho Nation
Painted Desert in the Navaho Nation Lands


Driving up 89, we took a little side trip into Tuba City. So glad we did this, as the drive was beautiful!! We gratefully filled up with gas while there.

Later, back on 89 again, we stopped at the Little Colorado River Gorge Navaho Tribal Park. Enjoyed these beautiful deep canyon views, and did a bit of impromptu shopping from the Navaho Artisan Booths selling custom arts, jewelry, pottery, and beadwork.


Immerse vertical cliffs down a steep canyon gorge
Little Colorado River Canyon


Came upon this…The Navaho Bridge.


Navaho Bridge
The Navaho Bridge


The bridge on the left is the original bridge built in 1929. It is now closed to vehicle traffic and is open for pedestrians to walk across and peer down almost 500 feet below to the Colorado River .


The Colorado River
Colorado River


As proof that we did indeed walk across even though the wind was blowing heartily, here is Fred and Pia.


Fred & Pia on the Navaho Bridge
Fred & Pia on the Navaho Bridge


No kidding…No jumping. We could hardly even look down!!!




We weren’t the only ones in the area. These majestic California Condors, once extinct in the wild, now thrive here on the ledges of the Vermilion Cliffs.  They have been bred in captivity and released in remote areas not far from here.  We saw at least six different birds while visiting, including one juvenile. (Obvious because the young birds have dark heads.)


California Condors


Turning at the Navaho Bridge, we headed 6 miles up this scenic road to Lee’s Ferry…


Rock Sculpture Along the Vermillion Cliffs


Enjoyed these amazing cliffs…


A Few Little Pebbles Laying Around


Meandered among these tumbled down rocks…


IMG_9662 - Version 2
Putting Things in Perspective


And realized how small we are compared to Mother Nature.  Yes… that’s our LWV there below the shadow of the rock.


IMG_9666 - Version 2
Solitude is a Word


A last breathtaking view…before winding up here…


Paria Beach on the Colorado River


At Paria Beach, where the amazing Paria River joins the mighty Colorado River.  After a nice hike, and a bit of doggy play, we camped at Lee’s Ferry Campground, and were wooed to sleep once again by the ferocious songs of the crazy blowing winds.