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A Textbook Delivery

alpaca riding in the back of a minivan
Are We There Yet?

Our alpaca that is.

Ashley was one of our very first two alpacas we brought home  22 years ago. She has been with us since she was 17 months old, and she was the last one of the herd to leave the ranch.

So it goes, with this change of lifestyle we are engaging in, Ashley needed to find a new home. A good home. A retirement home, where she could live out the rest of her life in happy leisurely grass eating, cud chewing days.

Her departure was better than we ever dreamed of. So much in fact, that Fred and I both wished for a retirement home as nice for ourselves.

From the moment we loaded into the van, to the mellow non-exciting two hour drive to our destination, to that magical leap onto new turf, she was the Queen of Alpacas, perfectly behaved, with manners and grace to make any mother proud.  And this my friends, is her new home.

black alpaca grazing on green pasture at a wild horse sanctuary

elderly retired horses grazing on green pastures at Wild Tender Horse Sancturay

horses graze on green pastures with ocean view in background at Wild tender horse sanctuary in Pescadero, CA.

Yes, that IS a view of the Pacific Ocean in the distance. Yes, all the animals in this bit of heaven enjoy that view while munching their morning breakfast.

Oh… to be a leisurely grass eating, cud chewing, oldster retired animal with a view like that.

Many, many Blessings to the wonderful folks at  Http://www.wtrhorsesanctuary.org who provided this wonderful haven for Ashley and Peace of Mind for us.  Please visit their website, they make a difference in the lives of many many animals.