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Feeling Safe in Telluride

About ready to leave Colorado, but there was a switch in plans with the tires. We were still waiting on them, so we took a quick trip up the mountain to Telluride.

It was a gorgeous drive with Aspens turning an intense fall yellow, brilliant against a lush green background. We were both so mesmerized by the color, that I didn’t even know where to begin taking pictures, so I just relaxed and breathed it all in. I didn’t want to stop seeing, breathing, and enjoying every moment. I felt like the scenery was nourishing every pore of my body. It was one of those zen moments that demanded letting go of all external thoughts and  relax into the here and now.

When we got to the town, (so glad we came) it was time for some walking and fun.




Mountain scenery, coffee shops, cafe’s, outside eating, flowers, art everywhere, and a super dog friendly, dog loving town. Pia enjoyed it here. She was allowed to go into most shops, and received treats galore from every shop owner she met.





Know a few people back home, that would like this type of town. To be honest it was a bit refreshing after being in so many rural conservative little towns.



No need to go dumpster diving here…an always ongoing place to get what one needs.




Lots of colorful creativity everywhere one looks.


IMG_2593 IMG_2596



A place to park the pooches near a restroom in the local park.




A bit of nature in the middle of town.


IMG_2575 IMG_2587 IMG_2577


And another reminder that if not you, then at least your civil liberties are safe here.




Kind of hated leaving…but the tires were waiting.