Coffee With Osprey


We left Coeur d’Alene and headed south to the bottom tip of Coeur d’Alene lake. We hadn’t been here in years and really wanted to see the area, and although still beautiful, the lake here is now also lined with million dollar homes, and resorts. And Osprey.

We stopped in Harrison, still a cute and quaint little town, where we enjoyed some really good coffee (sometimes very hard to find on the road) and bought a book on birding in Montana…since that was our destination.

Harrison has a wonderful wildlife refuge area, so we took a side trip and wandered around the lake marshes and rivers.


Osprey Keeping Watch
Osprey Keeping Watch


Everywhere we go, these beautiful Osprey are on the increase, with people telling us how they see so many more of them than ever before! They are great birds to watch and study, being so big and present.

We watched this family for awhile. Mom, Dad, and Baby in the middle. (just a wee little head barely poking up between the twigs.)


Osprey Family (you can barely see that tiny head in the middle.)
Osprey Family


We watched as dad went off for a quick meal for junior.


Leaving On A Hunting Trip "Be Back Soon"
Leaving On A Hunting Trip “Be Back Soon”


Mom is waiting patiently while junior is screeching up a storm.


Hope He Hurries Back. This Baby Is Hungry!
Hope He Hurries Back. This Baby Is Hungry!


It’s hard to see below, but dad has a nice fish in his talons. I think this whould make any fisherman green with envy to see how quickly and adept he went and picked out his kids meal.


Bringing Home The Dinner
Bringing Home The Dinner


Dad gives the fish to mom, who in turn is feeding junior.


Happy Family
Happy Family


Now that everybody is happy, well fed, and well caffeinated, we can get on with our trip along the St. Joe River.





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