Farmer’s Markets Along the Road

One of the things we look forward to when traveling is to check out the local Farmer’s Markets.  You can really get a feel for a place by how many and what type of people come out for the event!

Here we find ourselves with luck at the Arcata Farmer’s Market in Humbolt Co., Ca.


Vibrant Colors
Vibrant Colors


This is actually the second time, we’ve managed to hit this particular market, and I must say, Arcatians, (and I assume local folks from Eureka and elsewhere) really like to have fun at their market!


Mouth Watering Fresh Greens


Besides all the really local produce and beautiful flowers, there is music to enjoy, (a steel drums and bass combo today ) dancing, hooping, face painting, and gathering in the town center.


Hooping Around


We bought an assortment of young zucchini  and a basket of blueberries, then went across the street to a local coffee shop and enjoyed a fantastic latte and fruit star while watching the show!




Onward to Cresent City, and then into Oregon!



4 thoughts on “Farmer’s Markets Along the Road”

  1. Sorry for being remiss in not keeping up with your blog but being in a different country every week or two means we have to rely on (normally poor) campsite wifi. Instead of a dedicated sim.
    Farmers markets. That takes me back. I worked on an organic farm for 18 months and one of my duties was manning the fortnightly market stall.
    That fruit star looks delicious.


    1. Fred and I started scheming about how to tow a small trailer behind the van, with a greenhouse cover on top so we could always have our own fresh veggies to eat! Heck, maybe we could even sell them in the campgrounds for gas money 🙂


  2. I really miss the Arcata Farmer’s Market. If you can visit the Arcata Plaza for the kick off of the Kinetic Sculpture Race sometime, you’ll be in for a treat. If they’re still doing the Oyster Fest, that’s another great event. Have fun in Oregon!


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