Desert Boondocking

red-orange desert flower of the mallow family
Coulter’s Globe-mallow


We finally pulled out of Prescott.

Leaving our happy little campground home and new friends, we stocked up on groceries, filled the gas tank, and hit the road.  Destination – Sedona, Arizona.  All intentions were to arrive by mid-day, but we got sidetracked visiting the old historic mining town of Jerome, and a bit intoxicated by the scenery up and down the white knuckle highway over the Mingus Pass.

red-orange desert flower in the Mallow family
Field of Coulter’s Globe-mallow

Knowing accommodations (even camping) are scarce around Sedona, we took a turn onto a forest service road just to see if it might be good lodgings for the night, so we could get an early start into town the next morning.  Looking pretty nice, we set up camp, put out our solar panels to charge up all the gadgets, and were even able to take a quick solar shower. We had been hauling the camp shower on top of the van during the day, in hopes of enough hot water to clean up in the evening!

Beautiful jagged slick red rock mountains outside of Sedona, Arizona
View of Red Rock mountains around Sedona

Above is the view looking out of our door. Those mountains are the red rock cliffs of Sedona!

Early morning light greeted us (actually Pia got me up) to see a hot air balloon hovering so low in the sky over the van, I could not only wave to the ballooners, but could exchange “hellos” with them.

White Eurovan camped in the desert near Sedona, AZ
Boondocking in the desert

During the night, we heard the sound of another Volkswagon van pull in somewhere around us…(you can tell by not only the familiar engine sound, but also by the all famous sliding door whenever it shuts!)

Fred went to greet them and discuss of all things Volkswagon vans, and who do you think it was but the lovely couple from GoWesty fame, “Where’s my office Now?” a blog sponsored on the GoWesty Blog Page (Note the GoWesty solar case sitting on our van?)

What a small world this is! It was great to meet you Cory & Emily.

Onto Sedona..


7 thoughts on “Desert Boondocking”

  1. What a wonderful way to start the morning. The beautiful colors of a hot air balloon above the desert. We are so very happy to be receiving your blog, thank you for capturing all this beauty on film and for sharing Your captivating journey with us. Love a Herb & Ruby 🌵



    1. So happy you are traveling along with us! There is so much beauty around Sedona, I can hope to capture at least a tiny bit of it. Have you guys been here? Love the cactus icon! 😊


  2. Love this! Beautiful photos. We were also charmed by Jerome, when we took a road trip through that area years ago. Can’t wait to hear of your Sedona adventures.


    1. Yes, Jerome was certainly charming. I commented to Fred on how healthy one would be living in Jerome, with all those steep hills to walk up and down on a daily basis. Enjoying Sedona and area. Will post soon.


  3. Ah, the famous sliding door. Perhaps as distinctive as an old VW Boxer engine. I watched all the “where’s my office now” videos before we started our trip. It is indeed a small world.
    We are starting to think about shipping our van To the States when we finish this trip, so you never know. We’ll, when your living your dream, you need something else to dream about, don’t you 🙂


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