Eurovan Woes…Again…

There we were, cruising down the road after a couple lovely weeks on the coast.

Up the hill, and uh…what the heck. She died. Again.

This is the same thing that happened when we first got back to Santa Cruz, right in the middle of an intersection. This time, we have to coast backwards, downhill, to a place where we can halfway safely pull off the road.

She won’t start up again. Battery’s o.k. Starter is o.k. Fuel lines are o.k.

She just won’t start. And it’s raining. Again. It was a hard and heavy and windy forceful full onslaught of rain hitting the front end on the van all night. So much so, the canvas tent was wet along the seams. On the inside!

Hours of not being able to get her going, we call for yet another tow. Number 3 in 4 months. Not a good record. Luckily we’re now into a new year, so our Geico free tow limit starts over again.




We take her to our good friends at German Auto again, in San Luis Obispo.

There she sits overnight. And wouldn’t you know it, she starts up fine the next morning.

Something is getting wet, somewhere, and something seems to be shorting out, somehow, and we nor the German Auto guys, nor the Volkswagon folks back in Santa Cruz can figure it out. And yes, both times, it’s happened on, yep, that’s right, a Saturday. Saturdays – you know are the days, when all good mechanics don’t work.

So by the time anyone smarter than us, can take a look at her, she’s dried herself off, and is behaving perfectly and very well mannered.

Frustrating. YES. But Miss Keevan, we still love you. Even if it means we are stuck someplace till yonder sunshine gleams down and brings forth light to our “Eurovan Adventures.” We’re sticking in there with her.

But we have made a few threats! Just so she knows.




On another front, we had to make another quick trip back to Santa Cruz, for some appointments, and for Fred to officially sign up for his old age fountain of youth, well deserved, social security retirement.

We are planning to squeeze in another trek down to Arizona, for a couple of months, before coming back to this city yet again, and finally – for the event of the year!

The event of the year? That would be the wedding of our most beautiful and loving, cherished daughter, and her most wonderful and handsome, totally awesome, soon to be husband.




Hope to be posting from down the desert roads again soon!

4 thoughts on “Eurovan Woes…Again…”

  1. My 1995 Eurovan Camper recently quit running during a rain storm, and then was hard to start (or would not start) during any damp or rainy weather. The problem was the original ignition coil. Apparently, the plastic casing breaks down over the years, allowing moisture to penetrate through micro cracks. The coil arcs, and the van won’t start. $60 for a new coil, DIY replacement, and problem solved. Always disconnect both batteries before working on electrical systems. There are two bolts securing the coil to a metal bracket mounted on the engine bay floor, directly behind the driver-side headlight. It’s hard to reach the bolts — easier if you make some more room by removing the battery entirely. You will need a Torx key (T30) or Torx racket to remove the bolts. A Tori key is easier than a racket due to the confined space. While you’re down there, inspect nearby ground wires that run to the chassis (the coil’s ground wire connects to the engine bay floor, right behind the driver headlight, below the ABS unit). Remove dirt and debris down there, like leaves which retain moisture. Clean up the ground connections, and protect with some dielectric grease. Refresh other ignition components at the same time — plugs, wires, cap, rotor.


  2. Thanks Alex so much for posting this fix on here! Even though these engines are strong there are so many old brittle and cracked components connecting everything. Every little bit of information is so helpful when searching for the right fixes to so many little crazy issues.


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